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Keystone has conducted ecosystem mapping using several different methodologies.  With these methods at our disposal, we are able to tailor a mapping project towards the size and complexity of the project area, the level of mapping detail desired, and the client’s budget.

Staff at Keystone have experience with a number of different mapping techniques, including:

Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM)
TEM/VRI Integrated Inventory
Site Series Mapping
Predictive Ecosystem Mapping (PEM)
Broad Ecosystem Inventory (BEI)
Reconnaissance-level TEM (TEM-r)
The usefulness of ecosystem mapping doesn’t have to end with a simple map.  Keystone Wildlife Research offers a number of services that add additional value to the data collected for the ecosystem map.  For example, we can use map criteria to define priority resources such as Wildlife Habitat, or the ecosystem map can be used as the base map for Resource Management Planning.  Browse through our other Services to see how to maximize the usefulness of ecosystem maps.

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