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Keystone Wildlife Research has completed a number of small and large-scale projects for the resource development industry, ranging from the use of existing ecosystem maps in the assessment of impacts on select wildlife species, to full biological impact assessments of new resource developments. Our staff have extensive experience in wildlife and terrestrial impact assessment and we specialize in providing solutions that mitigate the effects of resource development on wildlife.

A few examples of resource development projects we have taken part in are:

  • Wildlife habitat mapping and impact assessment of the Johnny Mountain development on the Iskut River (International Skyline Gold Ltd.). Assessed the effects of the road, power plant, pit, camp and processing facilities for the development.

  • Prepared TEM mapping and and impact assessment of the Cogburn magnesium mine near Hope (Leader Mining International), specifically addressing the impacts on local wildlife and ecosystems.

  • Prepared wildlife habitat suitability and capability maps, a wildlife impact assessment, and mitigation recommendations for a coal mine near Chetwynd, proposed by Western Canadian Coal Corporation.
Keystone Wildlife Research has the ability to provide clients with expert knowledge of ecosystems and wildlife in any area of the province.  Services used by resource developers include:
Resource Inventory Resource Management Planning
Impact Assessment & Mitigation Environmental Project Management
Monitoring Geographic Information Systems

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