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Keystone Wildlife Research Ltd. has a full service Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department.  The primary software used by Keystone is ESRI ArcGIS (ArcGIS Desktop and ArcInfo Workstation). Combined with additional database management software, Linux file server and tape backup system, we are able to fulfil all your data analysis, storage and management needs.  In-house spatial data and cartographic standards allow us to produce high quality map and spatial data end products. Keystone also has extensive experience using provincial datasets such as TRIM, PEM, TEM, forest cover and VRI.  We are familiar with provincial standards for spatial data and cartographic products.

We offer a wide range of mapping related skills and services, which include:

Advanced Spatial analyses (Raster or Vector)
Spatial data translation (Microstation, AutoCAD, Shapefile)
Spatial database development and management
Inventory and thematic map production (digital or hardcopy)
Digital map formats include EPS, HPGL2, PDF, EMF, JPEG, GIF and PLT

Keystone staff (Biologists and GIS Analysts) have database development and management experience using MS Access and ESRI Geodatabase.  Additional skills include experience using MS Access and Excel for creation of reports, tables, charts and presentations using MS PowerPoint.  Keystone is equipped with a commercial DSL Internet connection and an FTP site for fast transfer of digital products and deliverables.  Our hardware infrastructure includes Windows 2000 Workstations, Linux File Servers, and an HP 750c Plus (36’) Plotter.

Our Data backup system includes an offsite mirrored server that allows for instant data recovery and a Linux – DDS 4mm Tape Backup System.  Together, these backup systems allow Keystone to safely store, back-up and recover our clients’ data in an effective and efficient way.

Our GIS department has extensive experience working with spatial land resource data and is proficient at translating non-GIS specific concepts into a working GIS process.  The result is streamlined project development and implementation.  The broad background of our GIS staff enables us to produce creative, customized solutions for our clients.  We ensure accurate products with quality assurance checks at critical points throughout a project.  

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