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Keystone Wildlife Research can provide the wildlife expertise that both government and industry need to plan for wildlife species within their management area.  Our staff have prepared management plans for a variety of wildlife species at both large and small scales, including:
Endangered species
Birds of prey
Problem wildlife
Harvestable wildlife

We also have the ability to produce a number of strategic-level planning initiatives, including:

Species Recovery Strategies
Wildlife Conservation Strategies
Terrestrial Restoration Strategies

In the past, we have participated in the preparation of the environmental ‘base case’ for several Land Resource Management Plans (LRMP’s) throughout the province, and assisted government ministries with the development of a number of Landscape Unit Plans.  We have also taken part in a strategic review of the BC Habitat Conservation Fund.

Our high level of expertise with B.C. wildlife has also made us the choice by government agencies in the past for conducting strategic-level planning for a number of high-profile wildlife species, including grizzly bear, mule deer, and caribou.  This experience has only furthered our ability to provide clients with the most thorough, up-to-date knowledge and techniques on wildlife management at all scales of interest.

When designing these landscape unit management plans we incorporate the most current inventory information, cutting-edge GIS techniques, and local knowledge in an effort to produce strategies that are spatially-explicit and reflect the values of those involved in their development.

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